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Thermography & Vibration Analysis - Keep your business moving.
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    By carrying out regular, well planned predictive maintenance schemes we can help prevent unplanned outages and breakdowns which can cost huge amounts of lost production and direct costs of emergency repairs.

    Hereford Rewinds not only has the experience to carry out predictive maintenance surveys but can also advise on solutions to the findings. Having carried out electro-mechanical repairs for almost 40 years means that we have the experience in problem solving which many other surveyors don't have.

    There is often no need to carry out routine maintenance as Predictive Maintenance shows specifically what needs attention.

    Predictive Maintenance can be thought of as a form of assurance that the equipment will run for a given period of time.

    Predictive Maintenance provides a planning period for spare parts to be brought in. This gives time for the repair to be carried out in a planned way, thereby keeping costs to a minimum.

    Methods such as vibration analysis can be useful in maintaining production quality.

    Using Predictive Maintenance leads to assets only being interfered with when absolutely necessary.
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    Hereford Rewinds Limited is fully qualified to carry out your thermographic needs. With up to date camera systems we can respond to your needs quickly. The surveying does not interrupt your production. It’s non-intrusive, informative, cost effective, quick and reliable.

    Thermographic technology has been around since the mid 1960’s. It is used for a number of applications including predictive and preventive maintenance, military, law enforcement and any other heat related applications. The great benefit of using thermography is that it is non-intrusive. This means that inspections can be carried out whilst your operations continue working.

    Thermography is a cost effective method of monitoring the condition of production machinery, control panels, steam systems, boiler systems, pipe systems in awkward places, chiller stores and control panels. Leaks in a roof space can be detected and located using our equipment.

    Hereford Rewinds Limited not only has the experience to carry out thermographic surveys but also can advise on solutions to the findings. Having been an Electrical Mechanical repairer for nearly 40 years gives us the experience in problem solving that many other surveyors don’t have.

    Vibration Analysis

    Hereford Rewinds Limited has been providing Vibration Analysis for a number of years and has shown that with good management it is possible to achieve close to zero unplanned failure by monitoring rotating machinery on a regular basis.

    We provide a report after each visit and this can be as detailed as required by the customer or as many customers prefer basic and to the point. Basic reports will give details of the item inspected and what the status is of the assets in question. If an asset is coming close to requiring attention we will inform you the best predicted failure date. The more in depth reports include the time trends for ISO bearing condition, alignment conditions, balance condition and instability conditions. These can be weighty reports and so are provide on CD.

    As with any condition monitoring program it relies on regular inspection and experienced interpretation of results.
    Oil Sample Analysis

    Replacing or reconditioning gearboxes and transformers is an expensive and time hungry occupation. As part of our predictive maintenance scheme we provide Oil Sample Analysis.

    By analysing the lubricant we can give recommendations on when to change the oil, how much wear is taking place and to some extent what condition the asset is in. This service is cost effective in saving unnecessary oil changes but also ensures that the assets have the optimum operating conditions.

    By visiting your site and assessing your assets on a regular basis using vibration, thermography and oil sample analysis we are able to predict likely time of machine failure. This reduces down time for unplanned stoppages and also helps to reduce unnecessary maintenance. Let Hereford Rewinds Limited help you to run a more efficient plant.
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    Electrical Surveys

    Using thermography is a very effective method of monitoring and inspecting electrical equipment. Thermography provides a non intrusive tool to inspect panels wiring circuits, transformers and contactors to name a few.

    Faults that can be detected include insulation failure, overloaded cables, loose joints, out of balance three phase circuits, blocked cooling fins (transformers) and failing contactors and breakers.

    The benefits to carrying out regular well planned preventive maintenance schemes is that it helps to prevent unplanned outages and breakdowns that can cost huge amounts of lost production and direct costs of emergency repairs.
    Mechanical Surveys

    Any moving machine has the potential to fail. Whether it is bearings, shaft alignment, heat exchangers blocking, mechanical seals in pumps, generator / compressor (manifold temperature) or a myriad of other faults thermography can detect the failures as part of a preventative maintenance scheme.

    When machinery is running well it will operate at a constant temperature and by monitoring this base line information we can detect when the temperature rises to indicate a fault. Timely detection gives time to plan the repair and helps illuminates unplanned stoppages.
    Building Surveys

    Thermography can help with many aspects of building surveys. A few applications for a thermographic camera include leak detection, insulation, damp, wiring circuits, pipe blockages, air leaks (double glazing seals).

    New builds often require drying out before finishing can take place, thermographic images can tell us which walls, floors or ceilings are still damp.

    Energy saving is important to everybody nowadays and to be able to look into walls or ceilings and establish how much heat loss is occurring can save huge sums of money over time.
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    Application Vibration Analysis Thermography Oil Sample Analysis
    Air Leaks X X  
    Balance (Dynamic) X    
    Bearing Condition X X  
    Boiler System X X  
    Buildings   X  
    Chiller Units X X  
    Control Panels   X  
    Damp   X  
    Fan Unit X X  
    Flat Roof Leaks   X  
    Gearboxes X X X
    Generators X X X
    Health & Safety X X  
    Heat Exchanges   X  
    Insulation (Roof Cavity)   X  
    Leak Detection X X  
    Loose connections   X  
    Manifolds   X  
    Pipe Blockages   X  
    Pumps X X  
    Shaft Alignment X    
    Steam Systems   X  
    Transformers   X  
    Wiring Circuits   X  

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